T’s & C’sadmin
  • No persons under the age of 18
  • No own alcohol allowed on the bus
  • No liquor to be consumed outside the bus, no liquor to be taken from the bus
  • No passengers to alight from the bus within 50m from the entrance to a school,
    religious institution, place of worship, institution for the aged or frail
  • The music on the bus not to disturb residents/the public, especially when the
    bus is stationary
  • The behaviour of the patrons on and off the bus shall not cause any
    inconvenience to the other members of the public – no foul language and
    harassing of fellow passengers allowed
  • No liquor to be served whist the bus is stationary at a service station
  • No fire-arms or sharp objects allowed
  • Only plastic glasses to be used on the bus
  • All alcohol and beverages to be served by a staff member of the bus – no selfservice